Find out more about Wellington’s Gale Force Gospel choir - what to expect at a rehearsal, why we sing gospel, and how we got started.


Who we are and what to expect

We have around 50 singers in our choir. We sing in 4 or 5-part harmony: soprano, alto, tenor (male & female) and bass.

New faces are warmly welcomed. You are encouraged to try out the various voice parts to see which you like best. We never audition: if you can make it along the mobility ramp and through the door you can join in! Many of the songs are call and response style, with simple lyrics. We learn by ear and repetition. You don’t need to read music.

We're a friendly crowd who come from a variety of backgrounds and have a diverse range of beliefs. To find out more about singing with us have a look at the Join page.  


Why gospel?

We sing African-American gospel music, along with spiritual songs from African, Pacific Islands and Māori cultures.

We mainly sing Tony Backhouse's uplifting arrangements of gospel ‘a cappella’. Tony has a huge passion and respect for the gospel tradition and visits communities in the southern United States regularly. He says “I've been visiting black churches on and off for 25 years and the experience of being in the midst of such celebration, commitment and energy never fails to blow my mind."

We also sing songs collected, written or arranged by our musical director, Carol Shortis.

Gospel music is firmly rooted in a particular religious and cultural expression. It is our love of singing this energizing and exciting music that brings us together. You do not need to be religious or spiritual in any way to join us.  


Our musical director

Carol Shortis has been our musical director since the choir began in 2011. Carol is a long-time gospel enthusiast, and has been attending Tony Backhouse workshops for over two decades.

She began her choir directing journey leading a group called Sister Shout on Waiheke Island. She directs a number of choirs in the Wellington region and runs workshops, often sharing the gospel songs we sing together.  


What we do - events and concerts

Gale Force Gospel holds an annual concert and we sing at a range of events in our community each year. 

Sometimes we take trips away, either to learn new material and work on our singing skills, or to visit and sing with other choirs. In 2016 we had our first overseas engagement, participating in the Festival of Voices in Tasmania.

Singers sometimes take in a movie or a show together. On the last night of term everyone brings a plate - we have an hour of singing, then eat and socialise together.


How we got started

Gale Force Gospel was born out of a weekend workshop led by Tony Backhouse in May 2011. A group of us decided we enjoyed singing this music so much we wanted to continue singing it. We had our first rehearsal in August that year, and have met weekly ever since.

Kapiti Gospel Choir was formed shortly after. We have been good friends since those early days, collaborating together on a number of projects.  


Behind the scenes

We are a registered charity. Our registration number is CC55180.

In addition to our musical director, our choir is run by a 'core group' of committee members, who are elected at a short AGM.The core group takes care of membership fees, pays our bills and organises our concerts, events and trips. The core group meet once a month after rehearsal. They are a very approachable bunch, and love to hear from our singers and any suggestions for ways to improve our choir.

You can contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Gale Force Gospel Constitution (PDF, 100Kb)